2015: Pamphlet

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Ready-to-Print PDF    (source file)
Four-page overview of performance advantages of diamond-enhanced asphalt milling teeth as well as two case studies: single pass, cold-in-place recycling of city streets and the airport runway milling job featured in articles below.

2015: Trifold

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Ready-to-print PDF    (source file)
Includes summary information on the performance and advantages of diamond-enhanced asphalt milling teeth and praise from the vice president, two superintendents, two foremen, and a mechanic from Delta Contracting (the contractor in the Asphalt Pro and Paving News articles on the airport runway milling job below).

2014: Construction Equipment Feature

NovaPick was featured in a piece by senior editor Frank Raczon. The graphic to the right highlights some key quotes, and the links below will take you to the original web and magazine sources.


Crumbling Roads, RAP Maintain Milling Machine Momentum (web layout)
NovaPick is covered in the "Keeping Operating Costs Down" section near the end of the piece.

Crumbling Roads, RAP Maintain Milling Machine Momentum (full layout)
This is a digital edition of the magazine (Adobe Flash player required). Go to page 40 for the NovaPick portion of the article.

2014: 200 Drums!

We're continuing to expand worldwide: so far we're on the market in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), South America (Brazil), Europe (Sweden, Denmark, and soon the Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Latvia), and Japan.

2014: Asphalt Pavement Ad

Check out our ad in the March/April issue of the National Asphalt Pavement Association trade publication. From the ad, here's a list of reasons to use our diamond-tipped milling teeth:

  1. They last up to 50 times longer than carbide tips, keeping crewmembers more productive, month after month.
  2. They assure faster project completions.
  3. They provide you with a significant bidding advantage.
  4. They virtually eliminate labor costs for pick changes.
  5. They deliver proven fuel savings per ton of production.
  6. They enable faster milling speeds and increased productivity.
  7. They eliminate costly pick inventory, and the handling that goes with it.
  8. They require no rotation, crucial because half of carbide failures result when tools fail to turn.
  9. They create less vibration, increasing the life of planetaries, drive shafts, stub shafts, bearings and other parts and components.
  10. They increase track-pad life because the machine does not work as hard.
  11. They deliver a dramatically improved return on your mill investment through increased engagement.
  12. They extend moldboard life because of the consistent pattern.

2014: Paving News Feature

The story in this two-page piece is the same as the one that was in the February edition of Asphalt Pro (see below), but this version is available in many other languages.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

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Two-page PDF.

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Um PDF de duas paginas.

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Full Listing of Different Language Versions
Look under 2014 Issue 1. Languages available as of late 2014: Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Russian.

2014: Asphalt Pro Feature

Article about a milling job at the Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Johnson City, Tennessee. NovaPick teeth allowed the contractors to remove the required 14,000 tons in less than 20 hours.

A quote from Eric Long (VP of the milling contractor): "There is no way that job would have been completed in that time without the diamond picks."


Basic HTML version.

Version with full formatting.
Uses the "issuu" platform and requires Adobe Flash player.

2013: Asphalt Pavement Ad

Check out our ad in the November/December issue of the National Asphalt Pavement Association trade publication. This ad features summary info from two earlier case studies. More details on one are in the one-page PDF that follows, and more details on the other (the I-20 project) are in the four-page PDF further below.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

2012: 100 Drums!

We passed the 100 drum mark in November 2012, with our diamond-enhanced teeth now producing superior milling results all over the US and Canada.

We had an all-hands meeting to celebrate, and you can see a few pictures of that event by clicking on the "more images" link to the right.

Gary Peterson (the NovaPick project lead) spoke at the event and announced that his goal is to get our teeth on another 100 drums by the end of 2013. (Edit: we actually made it early in 2014.)

2012: Conferences and Shows

NovaPick display booths and company representatives have been at several meetings through the year and across the country. Keep an eye on our homepage for announcements related to upcoming events.


The homepage of the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association.

World of Asphalt
The homepage for "the leading exposition and education resource for the asphalt industry."

2012: TRB

We exhibited at the annual Transportation Research Board conference in Washington, D.C. One of our employees also presented a paper comparing NovaPick and tungsten carbide teeth in the poster session of the conference. The full paper is available here: TRB paper 12-4598, and you can click on the graphic to the right or the link below to see the poster.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Poster for TRB Paper 12-4598    (source file)
The paper/poster title is: Performance Comparison of Diamond-Enhanced and Tungsten Carbide Teeth for Road Milling.

NovaPick 2012 TRB Handout    (source file)
A single-sheet PDF with NovaPick overview information, contact information, and a mini version of the poster mentioned above.

2011: Case Study

A four-page PDF that covers real-world use of NovaPick diamond-enhanced teeth on I-20 in Mississippi.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Diamond-enhanced Picks in Use    (source file)
This four-page PDF details some of the benefits and advantages of using NovaPick teeth. Superior Asphalt, Inc. used our teeth on an 18-mile mill and fill reconstruction project on Interstate 20 near Forest, Mississippi.

2011: Apps Available

If you have an Apple iOS or Andriod device, you can use the estimation app to see how much you can save per project or per year by switching to our products. Note that the current name for the app ("IntelliPave Cost Analysis") will soon be changed (to "NovaPick Estimation Tool"), and that a version with metric unit options will be out soon.


Excel Estimation Tool (English Units)    (source file)
A simple fill-in-the-blanks sheet.

Excel Estimation Tool (Metric Units)    (source file)
A simple fill-in-the-blanks sheet.


NovaPick app in the App Store (Apple iPad)
This link will allow you to preview and directly download the free app to your iPad (iPhone and iPod Touch versions are in the works).

NovaPick app at Google Play (the main Android app market)
This link will allow you to preview and directly download the free app to your Andriod-powered device.

NovaPick app in the Soc.io Mall
Google Play (aka the Android Market) isn't supported by some Andriod devices. If this is the case for your device, you can get still the app by using this link.

2011: Abrasives Hub Article

Piece posted to the "News & Articles" section of the Abrasives Hub website.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

PDF Version    (source file)
Three-page reprint with two-column formatting.


Online Version
Web browser formatting (free registration required).

2010: Better Roads Article

We were featured in the November issue of Better Roads magazine. The article lists the advantages of our diamond-based milling teeth and explains the business model for their use.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

PDF Version    (source file)
Two-page reprint with FAQ section not available in the print version.


Online Version
Web browser formatting.

2009: IRF Global Road Achievement Award

Our NovaPick product won the International Road Federation's 2009 Global Road Achievement Award in the "Technology Equipment and Manufacturing" category.


IRF Award Announcement
Excerpt: "...meets the criteria for the Technology, Equipment & Manufacturing [category] as a new product that has and will advance the road construction industry in quality, improved efficiency and increased safety..."