Long-Lasting PCD Teeth

We offer a full range of products for the most popular quick-change milling tooth systems, and our teeth remove 40-80 times more material than carbide-tipped options. This incredible durability comes from our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits.


Picks in Development
Novatek page that summarizes non-ashpalt and non-standard pick applications now in development, including data logging, mining, and trenching.

Transportation Research Board Paper
Summary page for a paper with raw data and objective comparison of diamond-enhanced and carbide-type teeth. Published early in 2012 by the Transportation Research Board, an independent, private, nonprofit institution. The full PDF is free; download by clicking on the "Record URL" link. Note that the diamond-enhanced teeth at this time averaged 40 times more material removed than carbide, but we have since made design improvements that make it possible to remove as much as 80 times more material.

Diamond Production
More information on the hardware and processes used for synthetic diamond production.


Because each NovaPick is tipped with a polycrystalline diamond bit, they can remove up to 80 times more material than carbide picks.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Diamond-Enhanced Adavantages as of 2012 (We have even more advantages now.)    (source file)
Single-page PDF comparing NovaPick and tungsten carbide products. Data shows that, compared to tungsten carbide teeth, diamond-enhanced milling teeth:

  1. Lasted longer and were more durable, milling over 40 times more asphalt per tooth.
  2. Reduced fuel consumption, with fuel efficiency tests showing improvements of 14.3% and 29.9%.
  3. Reduced overall milling machine vibration, with the maximum observed value reduced by 79%.

Better Results (click for images)    (source file)
Because the diamond teeth don't wear, the milling pattern they produce is consistent over time, from the first hour of use to the last.

Obstacle Detection

Our metal detection system is the best way to quickly identify hazards such as buried manhole covers, unmarked piping, etc.

The system detects ferrous objects with user-adjustable sensitivity. It uses 48 sensors to show detected objects in 8 zones via free app (iPad or iPhone required).

Whereas you can scan at most 50,000 square feet per hour with a traditional approach, with our system you can comfortably scan 1,000,000 square feet per hour.

Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Metal Detection System Brochure    (source file)
Two-page PDF with contact information, details on mounting options, etc.


MDS web site
Novatek's page with PDF brochure, more images, and system summary.

App for iOS devices
Free download in the iTunes app store (rename from ODS to MDS pending).


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